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Go Eco can be so pretty. Our mission adheres to handcraft canvas bags, backpacks & leather goods since 2008.

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Shoulder Bag




Tote Bag

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We always creating great memories with unique personalized at pouches.


D Pouch-Free Personalized

This D Pouch made with canvas, silver nickel rivets, a little piece leather snap with silver nickel rivets in the facade, and creative name/alphabet with personalized text in engraved.




Kelly Cosmetic Pouch

Pink Travel Pouch —Your cosmetic essential storage accessories. We’ll do the engraved your unique name on top of the tiny leather piece.

By Designer Christy Foh.



Handmade story

Small patch made in our home studio

When I was young, there was a time when I started earning enough to pamper myself with branded, posh little luxuries. And undoubtedly pricey branded bags were a must, and I carried them with a new-found confidence that I thought would put me in the limelight. That was before somebody told me outright that what I had on me had no personality—it was not original to the wearer. The remark sounded like a myth because what could possibly go wrong with a brand whose products were put on perpetual pedestals of fame? I faltered through self-doubts about my overall image and even my way of wearing the posh bag, before I suddenly realized that it was simply because it just did not feel like me.

It was then that the designer whim in me started to set itself to work: why don’t I make myself something that I could carry with an authentic confidence? And so, I started to experiment with different natural materials like canvas, leather and denim to express the natural elegance in me.

Starting from scratch, I rented a portable sewing machine from a friend and made my first ever bag, but before long, I got into blunders as the thickness of canvas and leather damaged the machine. (Hush…)

In 2008, I started my business on Etsy, a handmade goods selling site which is based in the States. I certainly did not see it coming-- after getting my first order from California, I got my subsequent ones from Canada and New Zealand. After years of hard work aided by blessings, Christystudio has now accumulated over thirty thousand royal customers who love my handmade creations. I feel immensely grateful towards this platform and my troop of supporters who have stayed with me until now. People ask me my secret of success. But I know the answer stays with my customers!It thrills me whenever I earn feedbacks from satisfied customers who comment on the many features of my bag: from the detailed, organized pockets and storage space to the fine, delicate craftmanship.I enjoy making my own products, especially when people around the world love them too!

With the passion in me burning as strong as ever, I aspire to share my handmade goods to more members in the global community with one single goal: to make high quality bags that suit your style and uniqueness, at an affordable price.



When it comes to expressing your personality, design and compatibility matter more than the digits on the price tag.




 Handmade Canvas Bags


This Season


What you could aspect while we were worked on new the design of bags? That’s the question that inspired our Spring/Summer 2019 Collection, which features clean design, capacity & material. Women should have to move through the waking world today. So we designed our pieces to make every day feel like a comfortable dream.