Our Story


Our Story

Welcome to Christy Studio, with a love for designing and creating handmade bags, an idea was brought to life by Christy and her assistance in her home studio.
The ultimate goal is to make quality items that brighten up your everyday life. All the designs are inspired by our surroundings, are intimately designed and carefully selected. Not only creating timeless items but also adding some pleasing elements to you.
Christy Studio has everything you need to fit your individual lifestyle.

Reviews + Press + Media

Christy Studio has a pleasure special interview from Channel 8 Malaysia Broadcast media which on air today.

Christy Studio www.christy-studio.com

荣幸获得马来西亚八度空间电视台《 活力加油站》~手作帆布包的专访视频。


Vulcan Post Review - Best ranking in handmade

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